Next Update-Jared

Another night, another rent boy at my apartment! He was fine with the camera and I was so horny! I couldnt resist opening him up with a dildo and touching his smooth muscle body in the shower


I met this guy at bar and suggested a shower before we fucked. I was already so horny I couldnt keep my hands off his ass and his dick in the shower, and then we fucked so hard.

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Another night at the strip club

I decided to return another night to that strip club for the next show. Nobody saw my hidden camera, so I shot video for you guys of some beautiful guys dancing wildly and giving lap dances for clients.

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Visiting the strip club

I was looking for new boys at a local strip club. There were some very hot guys there and I got some new contacts. I shot everything with a hidden cam, because its forbidden to record video there.

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